About the Candidates Streaming TV Network

Political Candidates campaigning, for Local, State, or Federal office, should have a sufficient presence on television. This presence allows a higher number of voters to know who they are, and their campaign message before they vote.

The Candidates Streaming Television network local channels are available on Roku and Amazon Fire Television devices, as well as Mobile phones and tablets.

We provide Candidates, with a free, weekly 28-minute scheduled time slot, to stream their campaign message, directly to the community.

Our focus is to allow a consistent flow of critical information to streaming television viewers, that connects people, informs people, and grows awareness of what's relevant to people's lives locally.

About our Candidate STV Video Message Program

As a service to the community, we provide an election candidate, with three sponsored 30-minute time slots, weekly until the Primary or General election day.

The Candidate STV Video Message program time-slots allow candidates to deliver their campaign message video directly to voters who are not accessible through traditional local television networks. Campaign message videos will stream on the local Candidates Streaming TV channel(s) that cover the campaigning area. 

Our goal is to allow the public to learn as much as possible about the candidate.

About Streaming Television Inc

Streaming Television Inc is building a national network of local city streaming television channels.  It allows local content creators to expand their viewer reach, into the massive user base of Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, and Apple TV, in the local community. For more information, visit our main website at www.citystv.com.